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sometimes people surprise you [May. 13th, 2008|07:20 am]
so I had a guy friend in college some years ago that at the very end he threatened me, scared my roomate making call after call screaming and then flipped me around while i was in conversation with a friend at a party screamed at me and dumped his drink on me. (i returned the favor on that one :)) his roommate actually seeked me out that night to tell me this guy was searching for me. anyhoo, it's been 13 years HOLY COW since i've seen or spoken to him and contacted him on a site and to my surprise he responded. I was really shocked but pleasantly surprised. I know i described a bad guy to begin with but he really wasn't. Looks like he ended up doing well which i'm not surprised at all since he was a smart one. he's supposed to email back to do a little catching up so that should be nice. i'm glad we could leave the past behind. like they say...you take the good you take that you take em all and there you have the facts of life right??