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had one of the best weekends this past weekend. Friday was fancy… - gypsynose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 7th, 2008|07:51 am]
had one of the best weekends this past weekend. Friday was fancy friday as usual. we always have a nice dinner with wine together. then movie afterwards. we will rarely make any plans on a friday unless we have to so we can have our night together. it might get a little harder once we start building the studio.

saturday started off really hectic with my appointment being cancelled and rescheduled and then 20 mintues later being back on, so my dear hubby had to drive me because i'd be even later trying to find parking and afterwards we went to a fitness convention in Rosemont. he normally goes to those with me anyway so no biggie. picked up some fitness shoes, few pairs of pants and a couple books, 1 dvd to add ideas into my classes and for my own workouts. we even got to stop at Gene & Jude's! YUM!!!!! watched the other movie we got which was really bad so we had a few more martinis.

Sunday was the most wonderful day out of the 3. Sassy sunday is mine and i make brekky. got dressed, we cleaned out my car then drove down to our ofice and left the car there. we walked down to the lake and sat a bit then walked to Navy Pier and walked through there. Mike has never been there. We walked back to the office and walked around the area a bit so we know what's around. Stopped at a bar in the area, really bad service and we'll never go or send anyone there but it was nice to have a break and a beer. Got home, started dinner and shared a relaxing bath with stress relieving crystals. only enough hot water for one bath so we had to share. Boy did it feel good ont he feet. Dinner was then ready, ate and i believe we both fell asleep around 9:30.

that was a great weekend. planning our walk for this weekend coming up. should be nice.