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Had a pretty good weekend. Fancy Friday wasn't too fancy. pizza and… - gypsynose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 2nd, 2008|07:13 am]
Had a pretty good weekend. Fancy Friday wasn't too fancy. pizza and beer but it was good. we tried watching one of our movies but the DVD was bad so we got Mr. Woodcock from OnDemand. it was pretty funny.

my pop came into the city to go to Wicked. We had a great time, i still wish my mom could have come home with him to see the show. hubby picked us up and went to Due's for dinner, got tomato sauce spilled all down the side of my new dress by the waitress which was no bueno but whatever. stopped for a drink on the way home and then we all hung out at home and fell asleep watching a movie. Sunday mornign we all went to breakfast with the chongs which was nice. we were finally able to spend a couple hours with them. pop was off for home after that and we spent the rest of te weekend really just relaxing.

didn't eat totally great over the weekend and i just had a donut so i'm kinda kicking myself AND it's making me sick to my stomach. i cant really eat this stuff anymore. i really need to focus a little more though. i HAVE upped my cardio and i think with the addition of all the pilates i'm going to be doing soon will help tremendously. Hoping to get to spinning soon we'll see how the schedule looks. maybe a little swimming at the Y might be nice too. again. we'll see.