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BM [Mar. 26th, 2008|06:54 am]
Class went well last night. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully i'll be able to fit that into my schedule as well. I'm guessing only once every other week since i have to start taking Pilates class on thursdays as a normal thing since i quit teaching my thursday ZUmba class to do it, study, get about 10-15 more privates in before certification training in Sept, 3-4 days weight lifting, spinning class every or every other week, getting the other cardio done and everything else. HOLY COW! Can't wait until i can have my own studio or something some day.

have to make some time to see some friends soon. I've enjoyed having a few days every so often on the weekend just to be home and spend with the hubby since we dont get much time together. we've been going non stop and it wont be slowing down any time soon BUT things are good so no worries. :)